Who we are

Developed as a church in 1840 by the architect Thomas Hellyer, the building was formally called Holy Trinity, and was the first parish church in Ryde. The building has a rich Christian heritage with great architecture and contains impressive stained glass windows that were produced by James Powell and Sons as well as Francis Skeat.

Unfortunately  with only 12 regular attendees, the Holy Trinity Church was closed in January 2014. Without a plan in place and with the buildings on the risk register, the building’s future looked bleak.

A community group took ownership of the site and renovations quickly took place, with volunteers doing the majority of the work. They now see well in excess of 1000 people walk through the doors every week for various groups and activities.

The building now functions as a community center and venue for local events, and is now well established as Aspire Ryde.


Any profits made from projects are put straight back into services to support the local community and into maintaining our amazing building.

If you would like further information, you can always pop in for a coffee and a chat as well as give us a call on 01983 716020

Absolutely everyone is encouraged to come down to Aspire and get involved. We are very much driven by what the community would like from us and projects are evolved around people and their needs, so if you have an idea, come and talk to us! Our volunteers are friendly, supportive and enthusiastic about the work they do. Aspire hosts lots of groups so there’s sure to be a like-minded group of people around for you to join.

What we do

We have many different groups that meet during the week,  also a variety of projects going on throughout the year.

Take a look at our calendar to see whats happening.

If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to get in touch, and we will do our best to help.

Why we’re here

We have a passion for community and making our area a place where people can thrive. Community to us means whole community – all ages and all abilities.

We work with lots of partner organisations to bring people and services together to be able to transform lives and give people the best chance in life.

So we transformed our unique space into a community hub to encourage that there was something for everyone on site.

Registered as a local charity, with local trustees our volunteer team bring a wealth of skills & abilities to serve each other.


Get in touch

If you want to get involved with one of our projects, require our services or have some ideas then get in touch.

Phone: 01983 716020

Email: info@aspireryde.org.uk

Address: Aspire Ryde,
Trinity Buildings, Dover Street,
Ryde, Isle of Wight, England
PO33 2BN

Aspire, Ryde

Aspire, Ryde

Where to find us

Aspire Ryde, Trinity Buildings, Dover Street, Ryde, Isle of Wight, England, PO33 2BN

Aspire Community Cafe

Community Cafe Opening Hours
10:00-16:00 Monday to Friday
and also Wednesdays 10:00-17:30

Our community cafe is run by a fantastic team of caring volunteers who want to help us create a unique, fantastic and welcoming atmosphere where the whole community can come together. To chat, read books, be creative, play and enjoy good food and drink in fantastic surroundings!

We Have Fresh Filter Coffee, Instant Coffee, Fusion Teas as well as Decaf and normal Tea and not to mention a selection of Cold Drinks. We are also doing a selection of Soups, and we will soon be able to offer Jacket potatoes. Our Cafe is also pleased to say we have a great range of cakes, these include a selection of Glutton Free. All Cakes are made on the premises.

Pop-up Restaurant

Fully fitted, commercial standard kitchen for hire with all relevant health and safety checks carried out.

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Aspire is your project; together we can make it better and help serve the whole community. Lets work together to:

  • Improve our spaces and facilities available for hire for community activity
  • Run more projects which help meet local needs
  • Provide a place where people can belong to a real community
  • Restore the building which is such a vital part of Ryde’s heritage and townscape

Can you spare some time or money to help make Aspire fantastic and touch people’s lives?