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Aspire Ryde
Cage Football

This is available for hire and allows children to play football safely and without damage to surroundings!

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The cage is a cage to play football in! It is a great way to engage young people in a fast moving game. It has sometimes been described as a “people magnet” as it proves to be a draw for people watching and waiting for their turn.

It is stored and transported on a trailer, and can be erected in many places. It takes around 15 minutes to erect, depending on the conditions and the number of people available to help, and a similar amount of time to take down.

We use the cage indoors at Aspire Ryde, take it out to local housing estates, events & even let other organisations use it. It’s a fantastic resource.

Each game is 2 minutes long and is for teams of 2 against 2. The game is about skill and teamwork, and is suitable for boys and girls or men and women of just about all ages. In order to score a goal, the ball must touch the back of the goal structure, and the shot must have come from within the opponents half. The team with the most goals after 2 minutes is the winner. If the scores are level after 2 minutes, then play carries on until the next goal is scored. If the ball goes out of the cage, then the game is ended and the team that caused the ball to go out loses the game. The game can also be won with a “nutmeg”. To achieve a nutmeg, the player puts the ball through the opponent’s legs and collects it the other side without the ball touching anyone or anything else. At the end of the game, the winning team stays on to take on the next challengers, up to a maximum of 3 games in a row.