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Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis) is an attractive semi-evergreen shrub that has tubular blue flowers in summer that are loved by bees and grows up to 50cm.  It is perfect in a herb garden but also looks good in a mixed perennial border and can be used as a hedge.


Hyssop can be grown from seed under glass from April to May, sowing the seeds on the surface of the compost in a seed tray.  Do not cover the seeds and place tray in a propagator or a clear plastic bag until the seeds have germinated.  The seedlings can then be grown on in 9cm pots and planted out when all risk of frost has passed.  Hyssop is a great choice when looking for more drought tolerant plants as it thrives in drier soils.

Hyssop is not a commonly used herb these days, but the leaves and the flowers of this plant are edible.  The leaves can be used sparingly in salads or dried leaves can be made into a tea.  Here is a recipe from The Hairy Bikers

The leaves can also be used in meat and oily fish dishes and have a slightly bitter mint flavour.

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